Thunderstorm Training 2014: Tai Mei Tuk -> Sam A Tsuen -> Yung Shue O -> Luk Kung -> Tai Mei Tuk

Thunderstorm Training 2014: Tai Mei Tuk -> Sam A Tsuen -> Yung Shue O -> Luk Kung -> Tai Mei Tuk

The skies looked ominous at 8.30am in the morning. Vic, Marcia and I were keen to start our run but there was this slight concern about heading straight into a thunderstorm which looked increasingly possible. But, we decided to run regardless.

As we crossed the bridge from Tai Mei Tuk to the Plover Cove trail, nature gave us a brief demo of what she was capable of. The skies looked relatively calm but cloudy for about a minute and then it suddenly changed – almost as immediately as the next new fashion trend! Wind started blowing fiercely and with the wind came heavy rain. The rain lashed against our ears as though someone was pricking our eardrums with a pin. I saw one lone guy who was braving the thunderstorm with an umbrella in his hand. Nature almost snatched his umbrella away from him and he sat down on the bridge laughing out loudly as if to say, he was powerless in front of nature!

Running across the bridge was our first adventure for the day and above us we started to see the occasional glitter of lightning.

As we approached the Plover Cove trail, Marcia and I were a couple of steps ahead of Vic when he yelled out “Vince, is it safe to proceed?” Marcia seemed extremely brave. She said she was happy to go ahead but also happy to stop. Vic seemed more concerned about the lightning.

I went into my usual bragging mode and told Marcia how I had braved several thunderstorms and Typhoon 8s before and that this little thunderstorm wasn’t all that big a deal. Marcia seemed to be listening to me (probably secretly thinking how big an idiot I was inside). We were close to making our decision to proceed which is when Nature had her final say. A jolt of powerful lightning divided the sky and a drum roll of thunder soon accompanied that fascinating display of nature’s fury.

No words were necessary. Marcia, Vic and I went back down a couple of stairs and waited for the thunderstorm to pass through!

Calm before the storm

Rain starts lashing against our ears

After waiting out the storm for about 15-30 minutes, we started our Plover Cove to Sam A Tsuen run. Nature made the already-beautiful trail even more breathtakingly beautiful. There were mini waterfalls everywhere creating several puddles of water, which I gladly jumped into, feeling like a kid once more!

From Sam A Tsuen, we continued onto Yung Shue O and saw clear views of Shenzhen which was only a stone’s throw away. The defunct aircraft carrier stood in its usual spot, looking less defunct now for some reason. Maybe they repainted it.

Aircraft Carrier

Vic had trouble with his knees so we decided to stop in Luk Keng after treating ourselves to noodles and dung lai cha. Marcia and I ran back to Tai Mei Tuk on the road.

All in all, a beautiful thunderstorm experience and an awesome 40km run to conclude the day.