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HKTR (Hong Kong Trash Removers) clean up Mac 2 and Sharp Peak

HKTR (Hong Kong Trash Removers) clean up Mac 2 and Sharp Peak Hong Kong Trail Runners put on their Samaritan hats to become Hong Kong Trash Removers. The idea was to restore the beauty of Sharp Peak by getting rid of all the garbage on the peak. Prior to the hike, I received intelligence reports … Continue reading

Two (clean) Trails Are Better Than One – Plover Cove & Sharp Peak in one day

Two (clean) Trails Are Better Than One Choosing is a lot easier than you think Do you want a delicious slice of pizza with some extra cheese on it OR do you want a cup of mouth melting ice cream with some extra dark chocolate on it? I know what you’re thinking — do you … Continue reading

Visiting my home on Sharp Peak

I was originally going to simply chill and laze away this rainy day but there is no greater action-inducing driving force than a threat to one of my properties. It’s like the animal kingdom. A hippo, for instance, hates it when another creature encroaches into his territory. He immediately defends what rightfully belongs to him. … Continue reading

Sharp Peak via The North Face

For a change, I went on a hike, yes, not a run, but a hike! Ironically, this is probably one of the very few “hiking” posts published on this hiking domain, www.hikeinhongkong.com. This was no ordinary hike. I joined the Meetup group on a very special hike to my luxury property in Sai Kung, i.e. … Continue reading

Mac 1,2 and Sharp Peak

As part of my penultimate training for next week’s HK100, I was torn between deciding which of my two luxury homes to visit – Plover Cove or Sharp Peak. After much contemplation, I eventually decided on Sharp Peak. It was a cold day. It seemed like even the cows in Pak Tam Chung were exercising … Continue reading

Sai Kung birthday hike

I usually don’t like to brag about how rich I am but sometimes this kind of bragging boosts my self-esteem. So, today, I’ll publicly show off my wealth. My home is over 30,000 square feet in size (contrast that to an average HKer who lives in less than 400 sq ft) and I own several … Continue reading

Return to Sharp Peak

What could be a better way to start the Year of the Rabbit than to do a Sharp Peak circuit run? Actually, looks like my fitness took a toll. Energy wasn’t flowing that freely. Maybe the coffee today morning. (Had coffee after a very long time. Still bad for health). Good to bump into Roz’s … Continue reading

HK Trail 1-4 + Sharp Peak Circuit

So, our original plan was to run the whole of Hong Kong Trail with a target time of 5 hours. Started at 0742 from the Peak and looked like everything was going great. We seemed to be on track. Weather was HOT but the clear visibility made Hong Kong look even more beautiful that it … Continue reading

Back to Sharp Peak

A public holiday in Hong Kong can only mean one thing and that’s more hiking! So, today being a public holiday, it was time to hit my holiday home again on Sharp Peak. It was supposed to be rainy again and the skies did look pretty dark at 0600 in the morning. I took my … Continue reading

HK Trail Stages 1-4 and then Sharp Peak + Ham Tin + Sai Wan

Started very early (0730 HKT) at the Peak. Actually, let me rephrase. Should have started very early (0730 HKT) at the Peak but unfortunately, I overestimated the speed of the minibus (Number 1 from Central). It’s bloody slow and stops at every nuke and corner. So ended up being 7 minutes late. We started at … Continue reading

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