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HKTR (Hong Kong Trash Removers) clean up Mac 2 and Sharp Peak Hong Kong Trail Runners put on their Samaritan hats to become Hong Kong Trash Removers. The idea was to restore the beauty of Sharp Peak by getting rid of all the garbage on the peak. Prior to the hike, I received intelligence reports…..

So, our original plan was to run the whole of Hong Kong Trail with a target time of 5 hours. Started at 0742 from the Peak and looked like everything was going great. We seemed to be on track. Weather was HOT but the clear visibility made Hong Kong look even more beautiful that it…..

Started very early (0730 HKT) at the Peak. Actually, let me rephrase. Should have started very early (0730 HKT) at the Peak but unfortunately, I overestimated the speed of the minibus (Number 1 from Central). It’s bloody slow and stops at every nuke and corner. So ended up being 7 minutes late. We started at…..