#22 – Talking Lantau Two Peaks with Martijn Doekes


In this second episode of our Race Talk, we are going to talk about Lantau Two Peaks which is going to be held on Oct 4th, 2015.

This race is part of the Sky Word Cup and the Hong Kong Trail Racing League.

– “Skyrunning is an extreme sport of mountain running above 2,000 metres (6,600 ft) where the incline exceeds 30% and the climbing difficulty does not exceed II° grade”
– It’s an Action Asia event 23k this year, 1988m elevation gain (2km added on the clockwise course). 15km is put on hold
– Starts at 0730 on Sunday Oct 4th from Tung Chung

Checkpoints and food available:
A very tough hill climbing course that you need to train for. Tung Chung Citygate, Wong Lung Hang Road, Wong Lung Hang Country Trail stairs, Sunset Peak (807m), Pak Kung Au Water CP1 (331m) , Lantau Peak – Fung Wong Shan (934m), Ngong Ping Water CP2 (458m), Nei Lek Shan contour trail (564m), 360 Rescue trail, Tung Chung Citygate.
Three hour (3 hrs) cut-off at Pak Kung Au will be in effect after start and those not making cu-off will be re-routed down Tung Chung Rd to the last 3km of the course. In 2013 the last runners arrived 2hrs 45min.

Water, Gatorade, bananas, bisquits & oranges at CP1 (Pak Kung Au) & CP2 (Ngong Ping) with water & bananas at finish (Tung Chung). You must bring your own water to start and recommend at least 1 litre to start. Support teams are only allowed to stay within 50 meters of each checkpoints and not allowed to provide runners drinks/food on other parts of the course. Let’s continue the spirit of trail running and try our best to enforce this.

To note: The extra 2km near Pak Kung Au

Special Warnings:

Topics of coverage:
– What should the strategy be for a person running?

– How should one go about pacing?

– A word about the teams that are participating and the favorites

– Last year’s top ten

Favorites for this year:
– Clement Dumont
– Brendan Lee
– John Ellis
– Matt Moroz
– Michael Sko
– Jeremy Ritcey
– Steve Cale
– Guissepe Mollica
– Santosh Tamang
– Dan Falconer

– Zein Williams
– Li Dong
– Nadia Koucha
– Valerie Lagarde
– Marie McNaughton

Past records:
(Past winners based on 21km course)
Course 21km Male Solo winners:
2009 – Will Davies – 2:30:18
2010 – Stone Tsang Siu Keung – 2:31:00
2011 – Clement Dumont – 2:31:07
2012 – Jeremy Ritcey – 2:25:54
2013 – Clement Dumont – 2:28:12
2014 – Daved Simpat – 2:34:33

Course 21km Female Solo winners:
2009 – Corinna Turner – 3:34:43
2010 – Lucy Marriott – 2:58:56
2011 – Claire Price – 2:53:24
2012 – Claire Price – 2:55:05
2013 – Claire Chapman – 3:06:18
2014 – Marie McNaughton – 3:09:51


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#21 – Milos Pintrava / John Ellis on top 6 lessons learnt from TDS / UTMB that can be applied to UTMF

We usually release episodes on a Thursday evening. However, given that we’re approaching the UTMF weekend, we are releasing this episode today as it could benefit the UTMF racers. We’ll publish our next episode around 1st October 2015.
Many of our Hong Kong Trail Runners were in Europe late August 2015 to do the UTMB course, CCC course and the TDS course. And, many more are going to go to Japan late September to attempt the UTMF race. In this podcast, we talk to two trail runners who have completed the TDS and the UTMB course respectively to ask them about lessons they learnt from their experience so that the UTMF guys can benefit from it.

Our “panelists”:
[UTMB Finisher]
– John Ellis

[TDS Finisher]
– Milos Pintrava

Over to the “panelists”
1) First we will introduce the various runners we have on the “panel” and the race they just completed. John did the UTMB. Milos did the TDS

Let’s start off with the TDS
(Same questions re: the UTMB and the podcast is more like a discussion)

1) Tell us about the course. What is TDS? Please describe the race course and the details. Elevation/distance
2) What was the atmosphere like?
3) What was the weather like?
4) How does the trail or race compare to HK100 or one of the Hong Kong races?
5) Which trail in HK does it most closely resemble (if there is one)
6) How difficult was the course and why?
7) What were the main challenges?
8) Talk to us about your experience. What did you like / not like? How did you feel going in? What were the up and down moments?
9) Any animals on the trail?

Physical training:
1) Talk to us about your training program for the TDS. When did you start to train?
2) What were the challenges of training in Hong Kong for TDS?
3) Having done the TDS, is there anything different you would do now in terms of training for the TDS? What advice would you give new TDS “attempters” ?
4) How will what you’ve learnt help the UTMF guys?

Mental training for the TDS:
1) Was there a time when you wished you were not there?
2) What did you tell yourself when the going got tough?

Nutrition and gear:
1) What was the checkpoint food like? What did you have for nutrition?
2) What about gear? What kind of gear did you carry with you? Was there something you missed out on?

As we begin to wind up:
1) How would you rate the race (o to 10)?
2) Any suggestions / advice if the race organizer were listening?

1) Will they do the TDS / UTMB again?

Parting words of wisdom:
1) Summary of lessons
2) How do you handle stress?


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#20 – Joejoe Fan talks trail running and road running

“I would love to run forever until I die. If I could cross the finish line and then I collapse, I think how fantastic would that be!” – JoeJoe Fan
We’ve spoken to many Trail Runners on this podcast before but we’ve never really spoken to a prolific road runner who switched to trail running. My guest today is like the Andre Blumberg of road running. She has a running CV that runs several pages long. She is a HK Marathon Team Representative. She has done 38 marathons and 17 of those in less than 3 hours! The quote above epitomizes her love for running and the kind of person she is!

Sneak Preview: 
We had Milos Pintrava and John Ellis talk to us in our studio about lessons they had learnt from doing the TDS (120km) and UTMB(100 miles) respectively in August 2015. These lessons might aid those who are off to do the UTMF in Japan next week. In order to give the listeners more time before the UTMF to listen to that podcast, we will aim to release that episode coming Sunday (20th Sep 2015) instead of next Thursday (as per our weekly schedule).
Quick questions for JoeJoe:
1) What is JoeJoe’s favorite trail in Hong Kong and why?
2) What in JoeJoe’s view is her best accomplishment in the field of road running?
3) Does JoeJoe have role models in the field of running? Who are they and why?

Questions for JoeJoe:
1) Humble beginnings: where it all started. Why did she start with MDS in 2001? What got her into it?
2) Why did she switch to trail running from road running?
2b) A lot of people thing road running is very boring. What would she say to them?
3) Road running/trail running philosophy: which one does she prefer and why?

2001 – completed Marathon Des Sable 243KM for charity. Rank 28 overall then fall in love in running and start my running career.
[Tell us about the MDS experience. What was your training like before you did this? What do you remember about this experience that you will never forget]
2001 – 2003 trailwalker women team winner
2004-2007 trailwalker mix team winner
2003-2005 KOTH Queen of the hill
[Any memories of this that she still remembers?]
2005/2006/2007 – Won the China Coast Marathon, 3 hours 19 minutes
2006-2014 HK marathon representative
2009 – HKAAA best athlete of the year
2010 – best athlete of the year for Watson running club and Lok Wah running club
2012 – Asian Marathon Championship rank 5th overall.
Record holder of Lantau trail 70K – 9hrs 26mins
Record holder of Care Action 30K 3hrs4mins
Recorder holder of a few KOTH series
5 years local women winner in SCM
4 times champion of China Coast Marathon
Best Green Power finishing time 4hrs14mins
PB marathon:2hrs48mins
PB half Marathon: 1hr23min07s
PB 10K : 38mins48s
Finished ~38 marathons and 17 time ran under 3 hours

Training: (physical)
1) How did she train for marathons?
2) Can you tell us about your training program? What does it involve? Do you have a routine? How did the training program evolve from 2001?
3) Is her training now different now that she trail runs more?
4) Has her training resulted in injuries and if so how does she deal with them?
5) How competitive is JoeJoe? How important is it to her to best herself? Would she risk injuries in order to achieve certain goals?

Training (mental)
1) How does she do so many road marathons without getting bored?
2) What is her philosophy on pain? When does she know when to persist and when not to?
3) What does she tell herself mentally when she has to persist through pain and continue to the finish line?

1) As far as running is concerned what are her goals for 2016?

1) For beginners getting into road running and fast marathons, what advice does she have?

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The Indus River

#19 – Discussing The Great Relay with Martijn


Racing season is coming (woohoo!) so Martijn and I are going to start talking about upcoming races to spread awareness of key races among the trail running community. We’re going to hold a casual (but hopefully informative!) discussion on upcoming races — the course, the strategy, the teams, the favorites, the organizer and so on.

We’re going to start with The Great Relay which is going to be held on 12th Sep 2015.

(Sneak preview: Next week, we’ll have an interview that I recorded with HK’s famous runner Joejoe Fan).

Show notes:

What is the race about:
– The Great Relay, Hong Kong is a team trail running event. The race is run in a relay format where teams will collectively complete 50km or 100km on a 5km trail loop.
– Teams consist of 2, 4, or 6 runners. Each team member runs a lap of the 5km loop exchanging the baton with the following team mate. Your team will continue to do this until the team has completed its registered distance.

The Organizer:
– RaceBase (Vlad Ixel, Steve Carr)
– What is the RaceBase idea? “Our plan isn’t to organise races but events. Events that communities can get behind. Whether races or film festivals or expos. We want to create something that has a buzz. Not because of who Is running the race but because of the feel the atmosphere and the community vibe.” – Steven Carr

The Course:
– Aberdeen Country Park

– What should the strategy be for a person running

– How should one go about pacing

– A word about the teams that are participating and the favorites

– Live Tracking for the event

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#18 – William Sargent talks Snakes and MoonTrekker


In this podcast, local Hong Kong snake celebrity William Sargent discusses his passion for snakes and his passion for organizing races in Hong Kong, i.e. the MoonTrekker. He also scares me towards the end of the podcast (listen to find out how). I also generously offer him some advice on how he can make MoonTrekker even better. Oh, we also (somehow) briefly discuss Katy Perry.

Show Notes:

1) What is William’s favorite trail in Hong Kong and why?
2) What got William into hiking and what keeps him doing it?
3) Why did he not move to running?

[As the snake guy]
1) Where did this fascination of snakes come from?
2) Why does he like them?
3) When did he realize he had this fascination?
4) Did he dream of becoming a Steve Irwin growing up?
5) Tells us about the work he has done with snakes
6) How he became the Gov Appointed snake catcher in HK

[HK Snakes]
1) In terms of trails, where should one go in HK to find snakes?
2) What are some of the poisonous snakes in HK?
3) When is a good time to see snakes?
4) What’s the one snake you should fear the most?
5) If one steps on a snake while running solo, what should this person do?
6) What’s the most vicious snake he has seen?
7) Has he ever been bitten?
8) What are some of his most unforgettable experiences with our HK snakes?
8b) Does he go alone to see snakes or does he always have someone?
8c) Does he catch them using gloves?
9) In the movie Pulp Fiction, gangster Vincent (Travolta) tells Jules (Samuel Jackson) that dogs have personality and aren’t filthy. What about snakes?
10) Can there ever be “too many snakes” in HK? Can they become like the Shing Mun monkeys?

[About Snakes]
1) What are some facts about HK snakes that will make someone go wow?
2) Tell us about the Hong Kong Snakes FB Group. Where did the idea come from?
3) Are snakes really deaf?
4) Do snakes piss and dump?

[Snake philosophies]
1) How does he feel about snake soup in Sham Shui Po?
2) What about snake handbags
3) Has he ever had snake soup?

[As a Race Director]
1) Did MoonTrekker inspire his decision to leave a major global publishing firm? Or did the break from the daily routine of a mundane job inspire MoonTrekker? Where did the Moontrekker idea come from? Who came up with the name MoonTrekker?
2) Why does he organize the MT? (a) Pleasure of organizing races (b) Contribution to trails of HK (c) Contribution to charity (d) Making money. In what order?
3) Did he fear that MT would not have been a success?
– how many people have they had running the race in each of the years since it started
4) How did he go about getting Barclays as a sponsor?
5) Organizing the race
– what is involved in organizing races. Walk us through the “behind the scenes” moments
– what is the hardest part of running a race in HK?
– what is the most enjoyable part?
– will he ever go bored of organizing the MT?
6) MT sells out in an hour or so. What would he attribute that to?
7) What’s his #1 key to success as a RD?
7b) There are so many races in Hong Kong now. What is he doing to ensure the continued success of MT?
7c) Does he view other races as competition? For example, Wilson and MT are pretty close by
8) Does he want to organize future races? If so, what does he have in store
9) Has he ever wanted to run MT himself?
10) Tell us about the charity side of things. Why Room To Read?
11) How much money has he raised so far? What did R2R do with the money?

[Personality Questions]
1) It’s been said that you are primarily a night hiker. Why do you like hiking in the night so much?
2) Would you rather organize races, hike or catch snakes?
3) Winning a corporate sponsorship for a race isn’t easy. What quality do you have in yourself that allowed you to get a corporate sponsor quickly?
4) Have there been occasions during the organization of MT that you thought your once boring day job was more interesting?
5) Since MT is your full time job, how do you occupy the rest of your time during the year?

1) For MT runners what advice does he have?

[Parting words of wisdom]
1) #1 key to success in life:
2) What is the creed he lives by?
3) Book recommendations

Best place to reach him / contact

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