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HKTR (Hong Kong Trash Removers) clean up Mac 2 and Sharp Peak

HKTR (Hong Kong Trash Removers) clean up Mac 2 and Sharp Peak Hong Kong Trail Runners put on their Samaritan hats to become Hong Kong Trash Removers. The idea was to restore the beauty of Sharp Peak by getting rid of all the garbage on the peak. Prior to the hike, I received intelligence reports … Continue reading

The flu-bustin’ Mac 1,2,3 run

The flu-bustin’ Mac 1,2,3 run The appetite Imagine a food lover fasting for a day. The day after the fast he walks in all hungry into a gourmet restaurant and sees all these delicious food items on the menu. The food now controls his mind and he instinctively ends up ordering way too much. What … Continue reading

Mac 1,2,3 fueled by a parking ticket…

The excitement of running Mac 1, 2 and 3 with my team woke me up at 0530. I was out the door by 6 and ran straight to my motorcycle. I removed the motorcycle cover and a white slip flew out of the back seat. I picked it up from the ground to inspect it. … Continue reading

Mac 1,2 and to Pak Tam Chung (via Pak Tam Trail)

Yesterday’s mission was to ride my motorbike to Plover Cove and do the Plover Cove reservoir trail + Pat Sin Leng. The mission was a success in the sense that I was able to ride to Plover Cove! (that drive from Tai Mei Tuk to Wu Kau Tang is majestic) The mission failed though because … Continue reading

Goin’ MacLehosing 1,2,3

Having done the Trail Walker several times, the MacLehose Trail brings back several memories. So, today, we hit Mac 1, 2 and 3 today after a long time! Teammates running on Mac 1 East Dam (Mac 1) – Started at 0738 at Pak Tam Chung (yes, that early!) – Completed Mac 1 (about 10Km) in … Continue reading

Maclehose Stage 1,2 + Sharp Peak

Pictures from this hike are here. Decided to escape into the world of running and hiking by doing a Mac 1, 2 run/hike at 0945 with my elite team. The weather was perfect for a run. Misty, not hot and some gentle breeze. Mac 1 was a breeze to complete. It took me about 48 … Continue reading