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King of the Hills – Lantau (2013)

King of the Hills – Lantau (2013) To go or not to go The usual KOTH runners assembled at about 9.15am in Nam Shaan. Michael showed up a little late and told us that he had forgotten to take a dump in the morning. That began an interesting conversation. I offered my “expert” advice and … Continue reading

King of the Hills, Hong Kong – improvised (minus Twins plus pizza)

King of the Hills, Hong Kong – improvised (minus Twins plus pizza) KOTH Hong Kong is supposed to be the easiest course in the series. It is just 30km long and features only one real mammoth climb (General Rock). Actually, make that two. General Rock and The Twins. And the fact that it starts and … Continue reading

KOTH Sham Tseng Mountain Marathon Recce

King of the Hills (Sham Tseng) is not only the longest race in the series but also, arguably, the hardest one to navigate. The starting point is itself a bit of a hassle to get to. I remember almost missing the race two years back because we couldn’t find the starting point. However, I have … Continue reading

King of the Hills – Hong Kong (2012)

3rd consecutive weekend, 3rd consecutive race. Today was the last of the King of the Hills (KOTH) races. This one took place on Hong Kong island, Repulse Bay to be precise. The assembly point reminded me of Mong Kok on a Sunday. Except, you’ll have to replace eager handbag shoppers with eager racers. Also, these … Continue reading

King of the Hills, Lantau (2012)

This was my final training run before next week’s big event – the Vibram HK100. Actually, it was a race but I gave myself strict orders : at no point during the race was I supposed to feel like crap. Meaning, I was to avoid being influenced by runners around me and play my own … Continue reading

King of the Hills Sai Kung (2011-2012)

What a grueling day! Either a sign of getting old or a sign of lack of training. Or maybe both! Anyway, the weather was perfect for the second race of the 4-part King of the Hills (KOTH) series. It was about 15 degrees centigrade and partially overcast today. The race was held in Sai Kung … Continue reading

King of the hills 2011 – Tai Po

It was the first race of the 4-part series today. Last year, we did the Sham Tseng course in New Territories, so this year we had to do the Tai Po course (it alternates every year) which actually is my most favorite King of the hills course. A self check revealed a couple of problems … Continue reading

KOTH Hong Kong Recci

Joined the gang for a KOTH Hong Kong Recci. Supposed to be the easiest in the series but the proximity to HK Island usually means plenty of competition. I was supposed to be running in the front, so I was given the responsibility of marking the trail with a pink piece of chalk for the … Continue reading

King of the Hill Sai Kung Recci

The idea was to do a KOTH recci (full course) in Sai Kung. Started at 0940 and was at the half way point in 2 hours 20 mins or so but then a big, big blister on my leg caused us to quit at Pak Tam Au (at about the 26km mark). Huge blister! Not … Continue reading

King of the Hills – Hong Kong

The 3rd race of this year’s KOTH. This time on Hong Kong island. Weather was cold – about 10 degrees centigrade and it was drizzling. That combined with easy accessibility to Repulse Bay (start of the hike) meant many people! The full marathon started about 15 minutes late (0930). I had a pretty bad start. … Continue reading

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