Post-Trailwalker recovery run on Plover Cove

Post-Trailwalker recovery run on Plover Cove

When I was running Stage 10 of the Maclehose trail during the Trailwalker, I realized (yet again) how boring it was. In fact, almost all of the reservoir trails in Hong Kong are dead boring except for the reservoir I personally own — Plover Cove. You don’t realize how much you miss something until you’re away from it. So, I decided to go run around *my* reservoir today (I think for the 10th time this year) and I also decided to gift the Mac 10 reservoir to former Plover Cover owner Hannes Niggli. (He needs something to own other than Mong Kok. Besides, whatever said and done, at the end of the day, I AM a generous guy!)

Another reason for the run was to test how quickly I’d be able to recover after a 100km run. Why? There is a pretty insane event being organized in Hong Kong in January. See this link. Andre has a new twist to the already insane challenge. He is challenging someone to do the four big trails of Hong Kong (Maclehose, Wilson, Hong Kong Trail and Lantau Trail) in 3 days. That’s roughly 300kms. Possible? Not sure. Time will tell. But I know there at least two insane guys contemplating on taking up the challenge. One is my Trailwalker teammate Chad and the other … is a stunning looking, talented Indian guy. (No prizes for guessing who that is). But, I have to admit, I might do 2 trails in 2 days and call it quits. Even insanity has its limits.

Anyway, going back to the post-Trailwalker recovery run around my reservoir, it went pretty well. I attempted getting under the 2-hour barrier but I had strict “no injury” orders to obey. So, I went at my optimal pace and finished strong in 2 hours and 8 minutes! As I read on a road sign during my epic motorbike trip around Kashmir in India, “Speed thrills but kills”. But, they were probably referring to those lunatic truck drivers…


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