Plover Cove spin with love and dedication

Sunday was officially supposed to be rest day. But during the “resting” moments, glimpses of Plover Cove kept flashing in my mind. Like a responsible owner who matches words with not only action, but also with a lot of love and dedication, I instinctively decided to go on a spin around my reservoir. For the record, this is the 5th time I have run Plover Cove this year. That’s a full 18km of love and care! And, I have done at least a part of the course a total of 9 times this year. Now, you tell me, if this isn’t true love, what is?

Oh, and as for my speed, who cares? When you talk about love and care, speed is of least importance.

Distance: 17.88 km
Time: 2:25:00
Elevation Gain: 564 m