Pat Sin Leng + Cloudy Hill (sort of)

Wanted to do a Plover Cove fitness test (if Time Taken From Wu Kau Tang To Tai Mei Tuk < 2 hours 30 minutes then print "Fit" else print "Get fit") but as usual, didn't get the bus from Tai Po. So, history repeated itself. Actually, if the input parameters are the same (in this case, showed up on a Sunday during peak hours) then history will obviously repeat itself. Expecting anything different is insanity (doing the same thing over and over again YET expecting different results). Anyway, I did go with the usual back up plan - Pat Sin Leng and Cloudy Hill (for the umpteenth time this year).. actually the 1st time this year since it's 2011! Stats: Start time: 1055 HKT From the bus stop in Tai Mei Tuk to the top of the first hill or the last hill (depending which way you look at it) of the Pat Sin Leng ridge: 36 minutes 45 seconds From that summit to the end of Pat Sin Leng and beginning of the trail to Cloudy Hill: 1 hour 2 minutes From the beginning of the trail to Cloudy Hill to Fung Yuen: 53 minutes 40 seconds The last time I did this, I somehow couldn't find the trail to Cloudy Hill. And today, well, history repeated itself in the sense that I again somehow failed to get to Cloudy Hill but the input parameters WERE different! Last time I took a right at the beginning after Wilson trail and missed Cloudy Hill but this time I took a left! But I guess I should have gone right at the end of this long concrete trail instead of left (note to myself: Left and then Right!) Anyway, ended up at Sha Lo Tong and then at a place called Fung Yuen and had to take a bus back to Tai Po. Tai Mei Tuk bus stop -> Pat Sin Leng -> Cloudy Hill (sort of) -> Sha Lo Tung -> Fung Yuen = 2 hours 33 minutes (17.27km)
Elevation gain: 1084m