Pat Sin Leng + Cloudy Hill

Got up at 0600 in the morning on a Sunday (surprisingly) and instinctively decided to do Pat Sin Leng + Cloudy Hill.

I was in Tai Mei Tuk by 0800 and the weather seemed a little ominous. Some black clouds, drizzle and a lot of breeze. Climbing up Pat Sin Leng was a solo experience as I had the whole hill to myself and it was an awesome experience. Flying into the clouds alone and taking a deep breadth felt invigorating.

On the way down to Cloudy Hill, I saw the first humans on the trail. Strangely, a bunch of old grandpas and grandmas carrying umbrellas. Not sure why only the old folks manage to gather the courage to do hikes in inclement weather but not anyone else.

Cloudy Hill was awesome as usual and I saw the elites Law Chor Kin and Ida Lee again training there.


Tai Mei Tuk to last hill of Pat Sin Leng: 35 mins 57 secs
Pat Sin Leng to Cloudy Hill start: 1 hour 1 minute
Cloudy Hill start to Tai Wo KCR: 54 mins 50 secs

Time: 02:32:40
Distance: 17.66 km
Elevation Gain: 1,112 m