Pat Sin Leng + Cloudy Hill

The best way to recover from a long, hard and fast trail run is to do a not-that-long, not-that-hard, not-that-fast trail run the next day. No, rest ain’t the answer.

So, after a 30km trail run yesterday, did an almost 20km “recovery” trail run today! The usual Pat Sin Leng + Cloudy Hill but much slower (very, very comfortable pace).

The problem though is that I ran out of water before I could go up to Cloudy Hill. The sting of the sun started to get to me! But, experience has taught me that when the sun hits, you just decrease speed! So, times were off but finished the run without issues. Been eating and drinking nonstop since then!

Start time: 1037 HKT
Tai Mei Tuk to the top of the first Pat Sin Leng hill: 38 minutes 9 secs
Pat Sin Leng hill to Cloudy Hill start: 1 hour 6 minutes
(Tai Mei Tuk to Cloudy Hill start via Pat Sin Leng): 1 hour 44 mins
Cloudy Hill start to Cloudy Hill to Tai Wo Station: 1 hour 6 minutes

Time: 02:51:02
Distance: 17.67 km
Elevation Gain: 1,119 m