Pat Sin Leng + Cloudy Hill

Holiday today in Hong Kong on account of Ching Ming festival. It’s a festival where one is supposed to pay homage to ancestors by usually burning paper offerings on a mountain. Great festival, I think, because it forces believers to go on a hike! Hopefully, many will appreciate nature more as a result of it, thereby making the world a little less materialistic. Hmm… or maybe I am wrong because the paper offerings are designed to ensure that materialistic needs exist in afterlife! For instance, many are burning iPad paper offerings to ensure non-stop entertainment for their loved ones post death. But, thinking about it some more, after burning those offerings, they have to come back down from the mountains on beautiful trails anyway. So, I’m still hoping the family hiking trip will increase awareness of nature.

Anyway, digressed there a bit.. the idea was to do Pat Sin Leng + Cloudy Hill (short hike as I had to be back in the afternoon).

Starting time: 1015 HKT

Time taken from Tai Mei Tuk bus stop to the last Pat Sin Leng hill: 34 mins 28 secs
Time taken from last Pat Sin Leng hill to the start of Cloudy Hill: 59 mins 14 secs
(Total time from Tai Mei Tuk to Pat Sing Leng to beginning of Cloudy Hill): 1 hour 33 minutes
From beginning of Cloudy Hill to summit to Tai Wo KCR station: 51 mins 30 seconds

Time: 02:25:12
Distance: 17.81 km
Elevation Gain: 1,100 m