HK Trail Stages 1-4 and then Sharp Peak + Ham Tin + Sai Wan

Started very early (0730 HKT) at the Peak. Actually, let me rephrase. Should have started very early (0730 HKT) at the Peak but unfortunately, I overestimated the speed of the minibus (Number 1 from Central). It’s bloody slow and stops at every nuke and corner. So ended up being 7 minutes late. We started at 0737 on a HK Trail stages 1-4 run.

I have a feeling I made a wrong turn somewhere and had to retrace. But, my Garmin lost power (forgot to charge) so can’t really check.

Finished at 1012 HKT (something like 2 hrs 30 mins) stages 1 to 4 (25Km or so).

But, I needed a healthier dose of greenery. The problem with HK trail is that most of it is concrete and you don’t get the feeling of escaping from the city. I needed to escape from the city. I had the usual choices – Plover Cove and Sharp Peak. Not willing to spend 2 hours more on commute, I settled on Sai Kung.

Planned a precision hike/run starting 1235 HKT (Pak Tam Au). 1335 (Sharp Peak). 1340 (depart Sharp Peak). 1440 Sai Wan. 1545 finish in Pak Tam Chung.

Execution was precise. Finished at 1545 at Pak Tam Chung.

Sharp Peak was amazing as usual. There was this point where the clouds covered the body of the mountain and left the summit untouched. It looked like a summit in heaven was popping out of nowhere. No pics I am afraid. Couldn’t fit my bulky camera in my new hiking bag but planning to buy something small and cheap soon.

Total: about 45Kms

No maps or GPS I am afraid.