Hiking, 2007-01-21, Tai Mo Shaan

Completely fantastic hike!!

Pictures from this hike are here and all hikes are here.

We were supposed to do Grassy Hill, Tai Mo Shaan and a special route decided by Vivek. Two of us decided that we wanted more exercise and successfully conquered Needle Hill (400M) before attempting to take on Grassy Hill. Unfortunately, my map reading skills (actually, I didn’t have a map) and my navigational skills wouldn’t allow for a straightforward means of reaching the destination. So, we ended up going to Sui Ho (opposite direction), only to be told by some -get this- mainland tourists that we are heading the wrong way!! And, so we decided to correct the error by going the opposite way but, yet again, we missed a turn and ended up somewhere near Fo Tan!!! Unwilling to give up, we retracted our steps and reached the area where we originally took the wrong turn. We looked around and we actually saw a very clear sign pointing towards Grassy Hill (don’t ask me how we missed it earlier). Our wrong turns had cost us 2 hours!! Undeterred, we headed towards Tai Mo Shaan where, much to our dismay, we again saw two signs. Guess what?! We took the wrong way YET again!!! We retracted and yet again saw a clear signboard which indicated where the real train was supposed to be (yup, we missed two clearly marked trails on one hike). So, we went half-way to Tai Mo Shaan, aborted and made our way to Tai Po. GREAT exercise! We were never reunited with the original Trampers. I think we did around 20KM.

I swear, I gotta stop and look for signs AND learn to read the damn map! (and bring one)

Misty and nice day! Bad for photos but the air was fresh

We took a trail from Sha Tin which is supposed to be decorated with 10,000 Buddhas
Amazing how Chinese Buddhas are so remarkably similar to Indian Gods. This Buddha reminds me of Brahma (the creator in Hindu mythology)

A nice angle shot to finish off