Fulfilling responsibilities + admiring the beauty of Plover Cove

Fulfilling responsibilities + admiring the beauty of Plover Cove

The Webster dictionary defines “responsibility” as “moral, legal or mental accountability”. Shirking responsibility is defined as “evading the performance of an obligation”.

As one of the owners of Plover Cove, I have assumed full responsibility of ensuring that the trail is free of litter and well taken care of. This requires the commitment to run around Plover Cove in all kinds of weather – scorching heat, bitter cold, thunderstorms, typhoons, etc, etc.

My fellow “owner” Hannes Niggli, hardly shows up, if ever. And on a hot day like today when the temperature reached 34 degrees celcius, he was off relaxing in Switzerland. The run today required 4L of water! It was HOT. But, I showed up. And that’s despite having run a hilly 32km yesterday. If this isn’t being truly responsible, what is! I’ll have to gather public support to oust him as one of the owners of Plover Cove and assume full control.

The views were absolutely breathtaking. It’s hard to believe that Hong Kong is home to such natural beauty. Take a look.

Taken in the beginning

Picture Perfect

The trail – I had it all to myself

Picture Perfect!

Typhoon Vincente knocked down a few trees!

Cruising through nature in style!

Near Luk Keng


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