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Hiking, Wong Lung Hang waterfalls, HK Nature and Capitalism 101

So, here’s a Hong Kong Nature 101 lesson and a Hong Kong Capitalism 101 lesson. I’ll start of with HK Nature 101. Saw the HKTrampers website this morning and remembered that they were going to my favorite part of Hong Kong (well, favorite after Sharp Peak and Plover Cove). So, make that 3rd favorite part … Continue reading

2009-06-21, Wong Lung Hang Stream

Hiking pictures here. 20-something Trampers showed up today for a day of waterfall exploration. There were several new faces too, including combat-ready Kevin from the UK, who had evidently paid utmost attention to the Tramper rucksack details listed on the website. He was wearing camouflage pants, had sturdy waterproof hiking boots on and several pouches … Continue reading