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Shui Lo Chu Pools – Lantau

A thunderstorm two days back and sunshine today could only mean one thing – it was time for a stream trek! And, speaking of stream treks in Hong Kong, there’s one particular waterfalls which is like the Cindy Crawford of all the waterfalls in HK. Now, by that I don’t mean old, I mean most … Continue reading

Shui Lo Chu Waterfalls

As far as waterfalls in Hong Kong go, my top three favorites are (a) Wong Lung Hang (b) Shui Lo Chu (c) Nam Chung pools/Double Deer stream in Sai Kung. We had some good rain yesterday, so it was time to do a leisurely waterfalls hike today. The route we chose was awesome: (A) Tung … Continue reading

Hiking, 2009-06-07, Shui Lo Chu waterfalls

Hiking pictures are here. The brave ones: Despite Francis’ deadly threat of stripping down to his underpants for a swim, an unbelievably large number of psychologically strong Trampers (close to 40!) joined today, putting utmost faith in the powers of the Shui Lo Chu waters to cleanse their minds of any lasting impression of that … Continue reading

2009-06-07, Shui Lo Chu Pools

2009-06-07, Shui Lo Chu Pools Written by Vince, *excludes traveling time Shui Lo Chu Hong Kong is probably best known for its high end (and freezing) shopping malls but few would know that it is also home to some spectacular waterfalls. We will meet at 10.30 am at Tung Chung MTR outside the turnstile near … Continue reading

Hiking, 25th May 2008, Shui Lo Chu

Picture here. Shui Lo Chu is one of the best scenic spots in HK. Beautiful pools, excellent scenery. Took the trail from Ngong Ping to Shek Pik to Sham Wat To to Shui Lo Chu to Tai O. Tags: Everyday life, Hiking in Hong Kong, My Shui Lo Chu!, WATERFALLS

Shui Lo Chu encore

Pics are here. Beautiful day. Check out the third pic of the mist engulfing the mountains!. Tags: Everyday life, My Shui Lo Chu!, WATERFALLS

Courtesy – Narissa To – Shui Lo Chu “Muscle” picture

Tags: Everyday life, Hiking in Hong Kong, My Shui Lo Chu!, WATERFALLS

Hiking, 2007-08-12, Shui Lo Chu Encore

Fantastic hike. Pictures here. This is certainly one of the best spots in HK. Tags: Everyday life, Hiking in Hong Kong, My Shui Lo Chu!, WATERFALLS