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Training Diaries 2014: Tai To Yan and Tai Mo Shan Waterfalls Tai To Yan: It means “Knife’s edge” in Chinese but I don’t think it is quite as ominous as it sounds. Something like Sharp Peak is probably more deserving of that title. What Tai To Yan does deserve, however, is a entry into the…..

Tai To Yan (Knife’s edge ridge), Tai Mo Shan Waterfalls and Kadoorie Farm We set out to do what we called the “Nature’s Call” hike. Not only because we wanted to answer nature’s call in the wild (i.e. go for a pee in the peace and tranquil of nature), but also because we wanted to…..

Hiking pictures here. 20-something Trampers showed up today for a day of waterfall exploration. There were several new faces too, including combat-ready Kevin from the UK, who had evidently paid utmost attention to the Tramper rucksack details listed on the website. He was wearing camouflage pants, had sturdy waterproof hiking boots on and several pouches…..

Hiking pictures are here. The brave ones: Despite Francis’ deadly threat of stripping down to his underpants for a swim, an unbelievably large number of psychologically strong Trampers (close to 40!) joined today, putting utmost faith in the powers of the Shui Lo Chu waters to cleanse their minds of any lasting impression of that…..