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HKTR’s first annual Summit in Sipalay plus capture of Mt. Kanlaon in the Philippines All photos here. Leaders to meet and discuss economic affairs of the world We’ve all heard of the APEC Summit, Kyoto Summit, United Nations Summit and blah, blah, blah. Forget all that — an event far more important and exciting than…..

All photos are here. Trail running in South Island, New Zealand “No baggage” style Me, my hand-carry backpack and my heavy-duty rucksack Armed with one light hand-carry backpack and one heavy-duty rucksack, I set foot for what promised to be a great adventure in Kiwi Land! 13th December 2012: Welcome to Queenstown! What a landing…..

“Holdin’ it in” and practicing Putonghua in Northern Xinjiang during October 2012 All pictures here. Holdin’ what in? Read on and you will be enlightened. But until then, here’s the story. Strange departure from the original plan The original plan called for a trip to Vietnam in October 2012. The group was supposed to consist…..

Relaxing, caving, biking and learning to spell in the Philippines – July, 2012 All pictures are here. Monday, the 1st of July. This date means a lot to Hong Kong. It’s the anniversary of Hong Kong’s handover to China. It is aptly celebrated by literally blowing up HKD 5M (yes, five million dollars) in the…..

Photos are here. The Planning They say that the US Military operation to kill Osama Bin Laden involved extremely sophisticated planning, immense coordination, tireless training and impeccable execution. Apparently, in a special operation codenamed “Geronimo”, Blackhawk helicopters carrying a team of highly trained US Navy SEALS were sent in the middle of the night into…..

Discovering ass-saving gel bike seats in Yangshao, May 2012 Geotagged photos are here (yes, I am showing off my techie skills) Ridin’ with the crisis ” A crisis of epic proportion looms over the entire European Union”, screamed the newspaper headline. Financial “pundits” were warning of spillover effects all over Asia. They were forecasting plenty…..

Bum Slidin’, Stair Climbin’ and Army Watchin’ in Xian during Easter 2012 Photos are here. Videos courtesy of Martijn Doekes. I looked at the calendar. I saw April 4th, 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th in dark red color. So many red dates on the calendar could only mean one thing. It was time for a…..

All pictures are here. You better not cry, I’m telling you why, Santa Claus is comin’ to Taiwan They say “windows of opportunity tend to slam shut quickly”, so I acted immediately when I saw a 4-day window of opportunity to climb Mount Yushan (Snow Mountain) in Taiwan during Christmas 2011. I was going to…..

All pictures are here. Ok, so I had done various mini-vacations before (hiking and biking in Taiwan, climbing Mount Kinabalu in Malaysia, rustic hikes in China, etc, etc) but what I hadn’t done before was a long camping + hiking trip in true wilderness. And a family reunion in Melbourne, Australia presented the perfect opportunity…..

Pics here. Stock markets worldwide were crashing. Consumer confidence was diving. The two most boring and overused words in the English language were once again being heard – “Financial Tsunami”. In such situations, there are only two things one can and should do – hike and bike! The 1st week of August, 2011 And so,…..

Taroko Gorge, Hualien City, Taiwan All pictures are here. Richard Foster of Barking Deer is here. The original plan was to visit Mount Yushan in Taiwan and do a couple of kick ass hikes there. Unfortunately though, our last minute planning meant that we weren’t able to secure permits on time. So, Richard Foster of…..

Travelogue: 2200+km motorcycle road trip in Northeastern India. August 2010 All photos are here (feel free to use them as you please). GPS plots and GPX files are also available. If you need them please drop me a line. The plan After having done the Manali – Leh trip (North India) two times, we thought…..

The Philippines Adventure (Pulag, Sagada, Banaue) Photos are here. So, in order to take a break from the hustle and bustle of Hong Kong, we decided to take a short, relatively cheap and scenic-beauty filled trip to the Philippines. The plan was to cover, in a span of 6 days, Mount Pulag (2922m), Sagada, Banaue…..