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Totally INSANE 70km Wilson Trail training

Totally INSANE 70km Wilson Trail training Who does a 70km run just for the sake of training?? And, that’s a 70km TRAIL RUN, mind you! The answer: several of my totally insane friends. And fortunately/unfortunately, I am part of that club too! I have roughly done about two dozen races so far. And, I have … Continue reading

Letter of gloat to Mr. Wilson

Dear Mr. Wilson, How you doin’? Oh wait…you have some sort of a bruise on your rear end? Ah.. don’t worry too much about that. That’s just me kicking a good part of your ass in retribution of all the times you have kicked mine. In 2009, you had me on Devil’s Peak. Less than … Continue reading

Sha Tin Pass to Tai Po (Sowers)

The plan was to meet teammate Steven who was participating in the Sowers race (Yau Tong to Tai Po) in Sha Tin pass to exchange backpacks with him. Actually, he was going to give me his used backpack and I would give him a new backpack. And then I had to run with him from … Continue reading

Sowers – Challenging 12 hours recci

The plan was to recci the Sowers route (essentially the Wilson trail from Yau Tong to Tai Po) with teammate Steven in a solo format at a super fast pace. The race is called “Challenging 12 hours” but I think even my grandma can complete the route well within that. The weather was perfect and … Continue reading

Goin’ nuts on Wilson Ralleigh 2011

First of all, I think the organizers should call this event “Wilson Rally” instead this awkward spelling “Ralleigh”. What’s with that anyway? Wilson and I are enemies till death do us apart. The first time, I had to abort because I had a flu and I was feeling dizzy on Devil’s peak. The second time, … Continue reading

Wilson Stages 3-7

In preparation of a great “typhoon-free” Wilson Raleigh Challenge in October 2011, teammates Steven, Vic and I were off to practice running Stages 3-7. (Last year the event was canceled because of typhoon Megi. Her photo came up on the weather chart and she got the event canceled but in the end, she never showed … Continue reading

Wilson 1 to 6

“Sheung Wan MTR station is going to be shut until Monday”. This was the “in your face” message that echoed all over the MTR today. Announcements every 20 seconds, TV ads, paper ads and even human signboards in all MTR stations made sure that whoever you are and whatever you do, you simply HAVE to … Continue reading

Wilson 3, Wilson 4

We decided to do a short run to celebrate Buddha’s birthday. A run to the Big Buddha in Lantau would have been more appropriate for the occasion but that’s where tourists go to celebrate Buddha’s birthday. We instead wanted to end the run at Wong Tai Sin, a place best known for a famous Buddha … Continue reading

Hiking, 2010-10-02, Wilson 5-10

What a hike! It’s October and Hong Kong’s hot weather is showing no signs of abating! Dom and I started in Wong Tai Sin and walked up to Sha Tin Pass (that was a bit of a strenuous walk on its own!) The official hike started at Sha Tin Pass under 30-31 degrees Celsius and … Continue reading

2010-09-18, Wilson 1-5

33 degrees and 95% humidity. Felt like I was in some desert. The original plan was to do Wilson 1-6 and finish in Tai Po. But, I started having stomach cramps after the MTR ride to Yau Tong! (lack of preparation and lack of salts I suppose). It got worse after Devil’s peak and Black’s … Continue reading

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