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My fastest ever Mac 3, 4 and 5

I violated the unwritten golden rule of Trail Running — “thou shall not get up late!” As a result, I couldn’t make it to Repulse Bay in time to join the gang who were going to do a recci of the King of the Hills Hong Kong route. But, I still wanted to run. So, … Continue reading

From “doing nothing” to running 34km (Mac 3, 4, 5)

My teammates and friends are mostly certifiably insane. One of them made me run downhill from Grassy Hill to Shing Mun Reservoir at about 17-18kmh yesterday while another one made me run 70kms “just for fun” a couple of weeks back! So, today, I wanted to regain some of the sanity I had long lost … Continue reading

The flu-bustin’ Mac 1,2,3 run

The flu-bustin’ Mac 1,2,3 run The appetite Imagine a food lover fasting for a day. The day after the fast he walks in all hungry into a gourmet restaurant and sees all these delicious food items on the menu. The food now controls his mind and he instinctively ends up ordering way too much. What … Continue reading

Mac 3, 4, 5 and Declaration of Summer

Last week, same time my butt felt like a frozen pizza in a freezer. Today, the same “pizza” was cooking under normal room temperature. The cheese was all melting. (Ok, will move away from the butt analogy). Well, what we had today was a temperature of 27 degrees and a clear blue sky. One of … Continue reading

Mac 1,2 and Sharp Peak

As part of my penultimate training for next week’s HK100, I was torn between deciding which of my two luxury homes to visit – Plover Cove or Sharp Peak. After much contemplation, I eventually decided on Sharp Peak. It was a cold day. It seemed like even the cows in Pak Tam Chung were exercising … Continue reading

Mac 3,4,5 and Lion Rock

After the whole puking on the trail incident last week after 40k, I was going to attempt the same Double Au solo to ensure no puking this time around. However, it wasn’t going to be fun doing Mac 3-8 two times in two weeks. So, there was a thought in my head to do a … Continue reading

Maclehose 3,4 and Noodles

The weather was perfect – cloudy, cool and dry. An ideal setting for an early morning 25km trail run in Sai Kung. For much of the day, I was running after a girl (literally). She was none other than my super fast Oxfam Trailwalker teammate Jinhwa. PLA boys and Cosmoboys – watch out for Jinhwaboys … Continue reading

Mac 1,2,3 fueled by a parking ticket…

The excitement of running Mac 1, 2 and 3 with my team woke me up at 0530. I was out the door by 6 and ran straight to my motorcycle. I removed the motorcycle cover and a white slip flew out of the back seat. I picked it up from the ground to inspect it. … Continue reading

Mac 1,2 and to Pak Tam Chung (via Pak Tam Trail)

Yesterday’s mission was to ride my motorbike to Plover Cove and do the Plover Cove reservoir trail + Pat Sin Leng. The mission was a success in the sense that I was able to ride to Plover Cove! (that drive from Tai Mei Tuk to Wu Kau Tang is majestic) The mission failed though because … Continue reading

Mac 5,6,7,8!

As the joke says… Why do economists make predictions? So the weatherman has someone to laugh at. Today, the economist was probably laughing at the weatherman! According to the weatherman, it was supposed to be rainy with thunderstorms today but instead, we had another super sunny and hot day! I was hoping to meet my … Continue reading

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