Training Diaries 2014 – Going back down memory Lane!

Training Diaries 2014 – Going back down memory Lane!

The fitness goals for 2014 are clear. To have two HKTR teams and attempt to run the Oxfam Trailwalker in less than 14 hours!

Hmm. Sounds almost unachievable considering that not-so-long-back, we were only a 22-hour OTW team! And, 22-hours at that time was a gargantuan task for us! During those years, we thought that those who did sub-16 hours on the OTW were just plain old crazy. Now, we seem to have joined that club!

In fact, I remember pitching myself as the “fastest guy in the HK Trampers” to Steve Sparky, our strict team boss during those years. HK Trampers is a hiking group and my sales pitch to Steve was that I ran upto Sharp Peak and did a 20km loop during weekends which I thought was totally jaw-dropping HARDCORE! I was expecting him to go “wow! you are da man!”

This is the email I wrote to him.
Sent: Thursday, June 18, 2009 7:34:22 PM
Subject: Re: Trailwalker 2009

Hi Steven,

Thank you for the offer. I am a 28-year-old ex Trailwalker (2 times). I think my personal best can be 20/21 hours. As a team, my best was 24 hours. I am also the Read more

Cloudy Hill, Pat Sin Leng, Plover Cove plus plenty of sunshine

Cloudy Hill, Pat Sin Leng, Plover Cove plus plenty of sunshine

A poolside Corona or a 37km run?
35 degrees centigrade. 90% humidity. Zero cloud cover. Scorching heat. This is the kind of weather an average Joe would spend relaxing, lying on a poolside bench and sipping an ice-cold Corona. But, us? No, not the Hong Kong Trail Runners. Our way of relaxation in this weather is to go out on a mammoth scorching hot run. And not just any run. Today’s run was the mother of all heatstroke-causing runs. Cloudy Hill, Pat Sin Leng and Plover Cove. 37kms of sheer brutality with over 2200m of accumulated elevation. Extreme endurance training at its very best.

The sunshine lovers – courtesy Vic

Read about the HOT trail running experience and the “rescue” effort up ahead

Making history on New Year’s Day with a Lantau Bypass Operation

Making history on New Year’s Day with a Lantau Bypass Operation

Photos here.

Some wise guy (definitely not me) once said: “Tell me who your friends are, and I will tell you who you are”. This quote should work the other way around as well, i.e. “Tell me who YOU are and I will tell you who your friends are”. Well, I am CRAAAAAAAAAZY. So, you know what my friends are like. There’s this one guy who is especially crazy; in the interest of respecting his privacy, I can’t tell you his name but I’ll give you only one clue: his name starts with “M”, ends with “N” and there’s a “artij” in between. And, what is so crazy about him? I’ll tell you.

It all started with an easy run I wanted to do to celebrate New Year’s Day. I asked my crazy friends if they were interested in running as well. “Mate, join the Quintuple run“, came the response from Martijn, who was referring to a run he was organizing. I signed up.

I met my crazy #2 friend, Vic, in McDonalds at Tung Chung today morning. We had an interesting conversation.

Me: So, what exactly are we doing today? Going up to Read more

Double Au, November 2012, Discovering the merits of a rope

Double Au, November 2012, Discovering the merits of a rope

In preparation for the Trail Walker in 2 weeks’ time, we decided to hit the trails for our last, long training before the event. (I say that but I think we would have hit the trails for a 54km run regardless!)

We had two things to accomplish today. (1) To do a Double Au (Mac 3,4,5,6,7,8 – 54kms) without stopping anywhere for too long and (2) -This was more of a secret mission- We wanted to catch Martijn and Olivia who were attempting the Double Au as well but they started about an hour ahead of us. We wanted to run past them at top speed and make demeaning gestures.

It was going to be my 7th Double Au since 2010! My best time was 7 hours 40 minutes (not quite sure how I did that -must have been on steroids-)

The lazy 8.40am team at the start – Gilles, Rupert, me and Vic

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Totally INSANE 70km Wilson Trail training

Totally INSANE 70km Wilson Trail training

Who does a 70km run just for the sake of training?? And, that’s a 70km TRAIL RUN, mind you! The answer: several of my totally insane friends. And fortunately/unfortunately, I am part of that club too!

I have roughly done about two dozen races so far. And, I have only had 2 DNFs (Did Not Finish) to date. Both these DNFs were on the trail I HATE THE MOST. The 78km Wilson Trail! Again, fortunately/unfortunately, our training run yesterday was the whole Wilson trail – my arch nemesis. Every time I have attempted it, usually something or the other goes wrong. Yesterday, I was determined to teach the trail a lesson and complete it in style.

21 runners showed up at about 7.30am in Park View to attempt various stages of the Wilson Trail. Almost all (except for five of us -Martijn, Olivia, Vic, Vivien and I) wanted to take an early exit at some point or the other.

The group – photo courtesy – Vic

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