Whose treasure it is anyway?

Whose treasure it is anyway?

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As broadcast on all major television networks worldwide, close to 21 runners flirted with danger to unearth the world’s MOST valuable treasure buried deep in the outskirts of Sai Kung in Hong Kong.

There was intense speculation as to the exact nature of this treasure. Jenny surmised that it might be a new & cool trail running tee shirt from Mars. Linda figured it would be a plane ticket to Nepal (?!) I also thought I heard “cash vouchers”. “Mars bar” was another guess. The answers were all very varied but totally wrong!

The mission of the participating 9 teams was crystal clear – to find 4 hidden pieces of interplanetary treasure using nothing other than a map and some clever navigation techniques. Upon finding all four treasures, the teams were eligible to find THE ULTIMATE treasure buried in a top-secret location. It was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Too hot to not cheat
Ok, I have to admit – the course was rather daunting! Although it was only about 15kms long, the 31 degrees temperature and the totally exposed trails made treasure finding matters rather scorching hot! Most teams would have just given up under the circumstances. But, not the ones that participated today. They instead resorted to cheating. Or “team collaboration” as they called it. Each treasure point came with a secret number that needed to be added up in order to reveal the location of the final treasure point. So, instead of visiting each of the four treasure points, teams pretty much exchanged secret numbers and made their way to the final treasure point.

A scorching hot but strikingly beautiful Sai Kung

Treasure point #1 – just a small diversion on the way to Sharp Peak

Sharp Peak – Treasure point #2

Views from my guesthouse – the summit of Sharp Peak

The final treasure point – Tong Wan

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Who’s da ULTIMATE SOB? (Sun of the Beach)

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Would the real SOB please stand up?
London Olympics 2012? BOOOOOOOOOOOOORING! A far more exciting and truly gripping sporting event was being held right here in Hong Kong! And, the stakes were significantly higher than the lousy gold, silver or bronze medals. The winner stood the once-in-a-lifetime chance to win both domestic and international recognition as THE ULTIMATE SOB! SUN OF THE BEACH, that is! Imagine the pride and significance of strutting around the world knowing that you’re the ULTIMATE SOB! That’s exactly what was at stake!

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