Sha Tin Pass to Tai Po (Sowers)

The plan was to meet teammate Steven who was participating in the Sowers race (Yau Tong to Tai Po) in Sha Tin pass to exchange backpacks with him. Actually, he was going to give me his used backpack and I would give him a new backpack. And then I had to run with him from Sha Tin pass to the finish.

The race started at 0815 and we were expecting him in Sha Tin pass at 1015. Teammate Jinhwa and I ran from Wong Tai Sin MTR station to Sha Tin pass in about 24 mins to wait for Steven.

He showed up soon enough and was definitely in the top 10 when he did. His goal was to finish in the top 25. I lead from there and although evidently tired from already running 16k in the heat, he was running at a very brisk pace. It was a hot day but Steven’s heat management techniques are top notch. We kept a very good pace and overtook quite a few guys along the boring concrete catchment and on Shing Mun trail. One guy who I thought was #1 had to lie down to take a break from the sun and shortly ended up puking after that.

As we were overtaking all these guys, I knew Steven was going to be in the top 5. On the climb from Shung Mun to Lead Mine Pass, we were jogging/running/walking at a pretty quick pace. And Steven cut loose on the run down from Lead Mine Pass to the finish.

Unsurprising, he came not just in the top 25 or in the top 10 or in the top 5, he came first! The champion of the Sowers race in the Men’s Open category! Remarkable effort and brilliant timing on such a hot day.

Distance: 28.63 km
Time: 3:34:46 (including a 21 minute break at Sha Tin Pass)

Wong Tai Sin to Sha Tin Pass: 24 mins 38 secs
Waiting for Steven as Sha Tin Pass: 20 mins 55 secs
Completing Wilson trail from Sha Tin Pass to Tai Po: 2 hours 49 mins

The champ:

Our OTW team celebrating at the finish: