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MoonTrekker night photography, 2012-10-20

A night of photography on the summit of Lantau Peak, MoonTrekker, 2012-10-20 All pictures are here. Competition in Hong Kong seems to have reached a new level altogether! Firstly, the Tornado record (deadly Wilson 156kms run) was shattered last week by a bunch of superhuman men. Secondly, the Vibram HK100 race (100km) got filled up … Continue reading

MoonTrekker 2011

Photos are at:,%202011-10-21/ Another year and another night spent on Lantau Peak taking photos! MoonTrekker is a very cool racing event held every year in Lantau. My job, as a volunteer, has been to go up to Lantau Peak at midnight and take photos until about 7am the next day morning. The first time … Continue reading

MoonTrekker, 2010-10-16

Volunteered as a photographer at MoonTrekker, a pretty cool night hiking event. The route takes all participants over Lantau Peak. So my plan was to take photos at the start of the event (there were two starts, one at 2120 for 40Kms and another at 2320 for 20Kms) and more photos of individuals as they … Continue reading

Moontrekker, 2009-10-17

Helped out at the Moontrekker event by photographing exhausted hikers at the Lantau peak summit in the middle of the night. Pictures from the Moontrekker event are here. Tags: Hiking in Hong Kong, Moontrekker, Moontrekker, THE RACES