Lantau Two Peaks 2013 – Relivin’ the race

Lantau Two Peaks 2013 – Relivin’ the race

I wore my French running cap for the day to replace my injured French teammate, Rom. It was our first race in the 2013-2014 racing calendar and Michael was my teammate for the day. We showed up nice and early at around 7.30am in Tung Chung and were all dressed to kill in our brand new HKTR outfits to impress our new sponsor Raidlight. After having posed for several rounds of celebrity-style photographs, it was finally time to put aside our posing skills and get back to our running skills.

Hong Kong Trail Posers.. I mean Runners

Sun don’t shine on Sunset peak
Soon after we started, it became clear to me that the “French” running cap I was wearing for the day was no match for my teammate Michael’s natural “Austrian” running cap. He was running like a mountain goat with such effortless ease, whereas I was breathing like a broken-down air-pump and still struggling to maintain a lead. In fact, while climbing Sunset Peak, I realized that my French running cap was as bad as … my French! I wished Rom were fit enough to run the race as per the original plan. I was Read more

2010-10-10, Lantau Two Peaks (Race)

First race of the year 2010. Lantau Two Peaks. 21Km.

The route:
It starts in Tung Chung, goes up Donkey Trail to near Ngong Ping. After C17, it takes a left and goes around Lei Lek Shan before reaching the Wisdom Sticks. Then it climbs to Lantau Peak, descends to Pak Kung Au and climbs again to Sunset Peak and finally descends to Wong Lung Hang and Tung Chung. 21Km in total.

I started near the front of the crowd at 0800 and ran at a pretty good speed to secure my position in the front. Unfortunately, I was pretty slow going up Donkey Trail. I had stomach trouble (a stitch or a cramp or whatever it was), probably as a result of going too fast in the beginning. (Actually, have had this trouble for a while now). Anyway, it was pretty demotivating as everyone seemed to be overtaking me from the start. Someone maintained cool (wasn’t easy) and upon reaching C17, a nice trail run around Lei Lek Shan re-energized me. However, I wasn’t able to take speed above 12kmh on the flats.

Had an energy gel near Wisdom Sticks and tried blasting my way up to Lantau Peak. Decided to capitalize on my strengths on top of Lantau Peak and make up for lost time. Ran down to Pak Kung Au as fast as I could and passed many guys who overtook me on Donkey Trail. Sunset was done in similar fashion and the run down to Wong Lung Hang was done at top speed.

Was glad to see Steven who was supporting me (thank you!) on the left turn from the end of the Wong Lung Hang trail. A gentle jog at 10kmh from there took me to the finish (couldn’t accelerate beyond that because of stomach trouble).

So, 21kms was completed in 3 hours 14 minutes. 25th position overall. 1612m elevation gain. Not the best start to the racing season but passable!

Special thank you to Steve for the excellent support from the beginning to the end!!