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King of the Hills – Lantau (2013)

King of the Hills – Lantau (2013) To go or not to go The usual KOTH runners assembled at about 9.15am in Nam Shaan. Michael showed up a little late and told us that he had forgotten to take a dump in the morning. That began an interesting conversation. I offered my “expert” advice and … Continue reading

King of the Hills, Lantau (2012)

This was my final training run before next week’s big event – the Vibram HK100. Actually, it was a race but I gave myself strict orders : at no point during the race was I supposed to feel like crap. Meaning, I was to avoid being influenced by runners around me and play my own … Continue reading

Racing, 2011-01-09, King of the Hills (KOTH) – Lantau

King of the Hills – Lantau is supposed to be the toughest full marathon in the series. The half is supposed to be the easiest. The full starts off in Nam Shan and then goes near the top of Sunset peak before deviating to the right to Lin Fa Shaan. After a couple of hills … Continue reading

Hiking, KOTH Lantau section 2010

What a humbling experience! I have to say, this has been the toughest 30Km hike I have done so far! Imagine going up from 0m to 900m not once but TWICE! It’s just amazing how there are so many fit people in Hong Kong. The KOTH series seem to attract the fittest of this bunch! … Continue reading