Climbin’ and slidin’ on Stage 1 of HK Top 10

Climbin’ and slidin’ on Stage 1 of HK Top 10

Turning French for the day
I had to put my French cap on for the day to impersonate superfast trail runner Romain Riche on Stage 1 of the HK Top 10 race. He was out injured and I boldly claimed to be Romain Riche as I picked up my racing bib from the organizer. (I memorized some French expletives in case of any unforeseen trouble from the organizer). My friend Martijn warned me yesterday about the brutality of the course. “Wear gloves!” he strongly advised. I was also told to expect some serious bushwhacking and extremely slippery downhill stretches. But after having done the 30km Care Action trail yesterday, I thought to myself that I was prepared for all kinds of slippery slopes.

Vince Natteri – the harbinger of trail fashion
Fashion runs deep in my blood. Sometimes I think I am in the wrong job. I should launch my own line of designer wear for the trails instead. It will become a runaway success overnight. For instance, you have this:

Natteri’s “groovy” look – fashionable trail pants that can we worn anytime of the year. Breathable material, washing machine friendly and attracts all the chicks

And, you have this:
Lightweight, easy to fasten, reliable and durable glass strap for the pros!

So, when I was warned about an overgrown trail, being the kick ass businessman that I am, I immediately saw an opportunity to make and roll out my anti-knee scratch protection gear (TM). (Told you, fashion runs in my blood). Here, check it out.

Who needs knee support when you have Natteri’s Anti-Knee Scratch protection (TM)?

The simplicity of the manufacturing process is its beauty. Essentially, you cut the bottom part of an old pair of socks and roll it up all the way until it reaches the knee. That’s it! Simple yet clever design, isn’t it? Btw, this product is LIMITED EDITION only. First come first serve. So, if you want one, please join the queue and write to me.

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