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Putting the “Care” back in Care Action!

Putting the “Care” back in Care Action! What happens when you send 5000 people racing up a narrow trail? Answer: plenty of pushin’ and shovin’. When I first ran this race 3 years back, I fell victim to some ruthless pushing. I still sport war injuries from that race! A small scar on my right … Continue reading

Care Action circuit + going Gangnam style on Sharp Peak

Care Action circuit + going Gangnam style on Sharp Peak Picture this: 5000 people racing up a narrow trail. Plenty of pushing and shoving and jostling and falling. Add to it, bushwhacking, boulder hopping, bum sliding and reckless overtaking. Oh, did I mention pushing, shoving and jostling? Well, one kick ass, hardcore, trail running competition … Continue reading

Care Action 2010

Last year some dude tripped me in the beginning and I was bleeding in the first 20 minutes or so. This year I wore gloves! Definitely helped! Not that I got tripped again but I did fall once (misjudged a jump) but the impact was much lesser as the gloves absorbed most of the impact! … Continue reading

Hiking, 2009-12-13, Care Action 2009

Care Action 2009! I love this race because it bring together all the fit people of Hong Kong at a very cheap cost. HKD 200. The winners (top 300 I think) also have the opportunity to win a cool bag in addition to a designer tee shirt (ok, maybe not designer tee shirt but it’s … Continue reading

Race, Care Action – December 14th 2008

Couldn’t take too many pictures since I was busy running but took a few during the start. They are here. Started at 9AM HKT Finished the 30KM race at 13:18 HKT Goals were two-fold: a) Finish in 4 hours b) Win a bag offered to the top 500 participants (a) wasn’t achieved largely because of … Continue reading

Care Action race – Sharp peak 30 Km

Fantastic race from Pak Tam Chung -> Sharp peak -> Ham Tin -> Sai Wan -> (Not sure of the name) -> Pak Tam Chung = 30KM Started at 9AM Finished at 1.30PM Duration: 4.5 Hours Picture of the start Little blue men storming at Sharp peak I should have.. a) Carried less b) Carried … Continue reading