Mark Green’s first Action Asia Event – MSIG 50

Mark Green’s first Action Asia Event

Would the real Mark Green please stand up?
My name is Green, Mark Green.

Two weeks back my name was Martijn Doekes and last week it was Romain Riche. No, I don’t suffer from any multiple personality disorder. I was simply racing on behalf of injured or unwell friends. And, today, “Mark Green” made his debut in an Action Asia Race — the MSIG Lantau 50.

Although, Mark Green is an “early to bed, early to rise” kinda guy, getting up at friggin’ 4.30 in the morning certainly ain’t one of his passions. But, unfortunately, the race organizer had a strict 7am start time for the race — that too from Discovery Bay! That meant that Mark Green had to get on his motorbike at 5.15am and reach Tung Chung by 5.50am to catch the 6am Disco Bay bus.

The cold, dark and raining starting point
At 6.15am on Saturday morning, North Plaza in Discovery Bay looked more like a refugee camp. There were three kinds of camps. The “toilet” camp featuring a bunch of racers getting ready to relieve themselves at a moment’s notice, the “let’s-go-kick-ass” camp featuring racers with excessive testosterone, and finally, the “yeah-whatever” camp featuring Read more