Reflecting back..

Reflecting back on my trip to Cebu a couple of days back, I’ve got to tell you readers more about the place and what I really liked about it:

a) It’s super duper, ultra Roman Catholic!
There are churches and worshippers everywhere. You see crosses hanging from the windshields of cabs, crosses painted on jeepneys and basically on all modes of transportation. I’ve gotta tell ya, God’s by your side in Cebu and I mean that literally!

A church constructed in 1590

b) Great scenery in Bohol:
Bohol is an unspoiled island where beaches, wildlife, humans and wireless broadband live in harmony! If you’ve got the net, great oxygen, money (?!) and you are in need of a place to retire, look no further than Bohol island.

Beaches and palm trees

Sea and clouds

Crystal clear water

Old & shaky bridge

Man made path (trees planted 50 years back)

Chocolate hills

Great flora and fauna

Beautiful butterflies!

c) Tarsier:
Looks like the ET actually! Maybe Steven Spielberg derived his ET from the Tarsier. Look at the primate’s limbs. There are so much like a human’s!

d) Ukulele:
Inspired by Cebu Beach resort’s local band which played Hotel California flawlessly, I had a go at the free ukulele we got after I ordered a bottle of Boom (fermented potato juice!) Here’s me ‘ukelizing’ Hotel California!

Phillipines rocks!

Travel pictures here.

Bohol map:

So, on a HKD 1200 trip (flight fare) I decided to explore Cebu and a beautiful island called Bohol. I took Cebu Pacific from HKG -> Cebu and landed there at 3.30AM (no joke!) Cabbies were battling amongst each other to drive me to Cebu Grand hotel in Cebu city. Cost of the ride: 250 Pesos.

At 6AM we took a super fast ferry to Bohol island which is a two hour ride. The ferry is amazingly quick like a hovercraft! Bohol island is beautiful, very beautiful. The old churches, smooth roads, fresh air, sea breeze, great beaches, chocolate hills, just amazing! One can retire there!

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