Discovering ass saving gel bike seats in Yangshao, May 2012

Discovering ass-saving gel bike seats in Yangshao, May 2012

Geotagged photos are here (yes, I am showing off my techie skills)

Ridin’ with the crisis
” A crisis of epic proportion looms over the entire European Union”, screamed the newspaper headline. Financial “pundits” were warning of spillover effects all over Asia. They were forecasting plenty of gloom and doom ahead. Stocks markets were said to be poised for the biggest crash. Banks were predicting a crisis “far worse” than the 2008 crisis. Everybody was busy manufacturing reasons to feel worried.

There is only one thing that one should do in times like these. Go for a bike ride in Guilin!

And so, Dominic Rigby, in a bid to make the most of his multiple-entry China visa, decided to go on an exploratory biking trip in nature to Guilin in China. Drawing inspiration from the beauty of nature and intrigued by the challenges of biking, I decided to join him. I was also growing increasingly tired of reading the same old news on the papers about the boring cliché “impending European crisis”. And, my other friend Hannes “Robocop” Niggli, who recently made an almost-full recovery from his long-lasting foot injury, decided to join us on Read more