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“Holdin’ it in” and practicing Putonghua in Northern Xinjiang during October 2012 All pictures here. Holdin’ what in? Read on and you will be enlightened. But until then, here’s the story. Strange departure from the original plan The original plan called for a trip to Vietnam in October 2012. The group was supposed to consist…..

Discovering ass-saving gel bike seats in Yangshao, May 2012 Geotagged photos are here (yes, I am showing off my techie skills) Ridin’ with the crisis ” A crisis of epic proportion looms over the entire European Union”, screamed the newspaper headline. Financial “pundits” were warning of spillover effects all over Asia. They were forecasting plenty…..

Bum Slidin’, Stair Climbin’ and Army Watchin’ in Xian during Easter 2012 Photos are here. Videos courtesy of Martijn Doekes. I looked at the calendar. I saw April 4th, 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th in dark red color. So many red dates on the calendar could only mean one thing. It was time for a…..

Pictures are at the hiking page.. Mission: To save RMB 150 each by infiltrating into the paid area of Dan Ha Saan National Park through a top secret, dangerous trail known only to a surviving few. ————————————————————— The final squad carrying out this mission consisted of four elite Trampers only: Fashionable leader Francis Lee who…..