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Vacation, 2200+ Kms motorbike tour in Northeastern India and Bhutan

Travelogue: 2200+km motorcycle road trip in Northeastern India. August 2010 All photos are here (feel free to use them as you please). GPS plots and GPX files are also available. If you need them please drop me a line. The plan After having done the Manali – Leh trip (North India) two times, we thought … Continue reading

Vacation, Calcutta to Bhutan and back! [2010-08-20 to 2010-09-04]

The idea is to start in Kolkata (Calcutta), India, get a motorbike there and then drive to Bhutan and back. The drive is intended to last well over 1500Kms [Calcutta -> Darjeeling -> Sikkim -> Bhutan and back] Steps in the process: a) Ticket from Hong Kong to Calcutta (cheapest one I could find was … Continue reading