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Cloudy Hill, Pat Sin Leng, Plover Cove plus plenty of sunshine A poolside Corona or a 37km run? 35 degrees centigrade. 90% humidity. Zero cloud cover. Scorching heat. This is the kind of weather an average Joe would spend relaxing, lying on a poolside bench and sipping an ice-cold Corona. But, us? No, not the…..

Cloudy Hill, Pat Sin Leng AND Plover Cove We were supposed to have heavy thunderstorms yesterday. So, I conveniently used Hong Kong Observatory’s weather forecast as an excuse to sleep in, instead of getting up early in the morning to do a trail run. When I finally awoke from my slumber, I was full of…..

High res pics here. The Hong Kong observatory predicted rains 3 days back. But after looking out the window today morning, I think they changed their minds. Hot and Sunny was the theme for the day. And boy was it hot! To be attempting to climb 3 massive hills on one day required some courage…..

Three big hikes in one! Started in Tai Wo and hit Cloudy Hill first, followed by Pat Sin Leng and then Plover Cove. Plover Cove was a little hot as it is totally exposed. Overall, no complaints, managed to finish without issues. 37.26 km, 6 hours 44 mins, 1665m elevation gain Garmin. GPX. Tags: Cloudy…..