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Thunderstorm Training 2014: Tai Mei Tuk -> Sam A Tsuen -> Yung Shue O -> Luk Kung -> Tai Mei Tuk The skies looked ominous at 8.30am in the morning. Vic, Marcia and I were keen to start our run but there was this slight concern about heading straight into a thunderstorm which looked increasingly…..

Training Diaries 2014: Tai To Yan and Tai Mo Shan Waterfalls Tai To Yan: It means “Knife’s edge” in Chinese but I don’t think it is quite as ominous as it sounds. Something like Sharp Peak is probably more deserving of that title. What Tai To Yan does deserve, however, is a entry into the…..

Tai To Yan (Knife’s edge ridge), Tai Mo Shan Waterfalls and Kadoorie Farm We set out to do what we called the “Nature’s Call” hike. Not only because we wanted to answer nature’s call in the wild (i.e. go for a pee in the peace and tranquil of nature), but also because we wanted to…..

Cloudy Hill, Pat Sin Leng, Plover Cove plus plenty of sunshine A poolside Corona or a 37km run? 35 degrees centigrade. 90% humidity. Zero cloud cover. Scorching heat. This is the kind of weather an average Joe would spend relaxing, lying on a poolside bench and sipping an ice-cold Corona. But, us? No, not the…..

HKTR (Hong Kong Trash Removers) clean up Mac 2 and Sharp Peak Hong Kong Trail Runners put on their Samaritan hats to become Hong Kong Trash Removers. The idea was to restore the beauty of Sharp Peak by getting rid of all the garbage on the peak. Prior to the hike, I received intelligence reports…..

Recovery Run/Hike – Cloudy Hill, Pat Sin Leng and Plover Cove 112 – that’s the magic number. My total mileage for last week. Two words to summarize it – “too much!” So, after having already run 44kms this week, I wanted to do a lazy 37km recovery run to give my legs a chance to…..

Fulfilling responsibilities + admiring the beauty of Plover Cove The Webster dictionary defines “responsibility” as “moral, legal or mental accountability”. Shirking responsibility is defined as “evading the performance of an obligation”. As one of the owners of Plover Cove, I have assumed full responsibility of ensuring that the trail is free of litter and well…..