Sai Kung Circuit

Hit Sharp Peak after about 2 weeks! Usual Pak Tam Au to Pak Tam Chung circuit. Many problems initially, legs too stiff after the first 30 minutes (maybe went too fast). After reaching Sharp Peak in 1 hour, managed to ease back into the usual pace.

1 hour to Sharp Peak
About 15 minutes break there
And 1 hour 45 mins to Pak Tam Chung

Total 3 hours including breaks. Distance 20kms



Sharp Peak Circuit

It was as if the whole of HK wanted to go to Sai Kung today! Took ages to get the bus from Choi Hung to Sai Kung and the bus from Sai Kung to Pak Tam Au (94).

It was great to see my home on Sharp Peak after a long time but I had to compete for real estate space right in my own territory.

1) Start time: 1114 HKT
2) Pak Tam Au to that turning on Mac 2 where you go up to Sharp Peak: 25 minutes 54 seconds
3) Turning to Sharp Peak to Sharp Peak Summit: 28 minutes 56 seconds

(Pak Tam Au to Sharp Peak: 55 minutes)

4) Sharp Peak Summit to shop in Sai Wan for refueling: 50 minutes 47 seconds
5) Shop in Sai Wan to Sai Wan Pavilion: 18 minutes 57 minutes
6) Sai Wan Pavilion to Pak Tam Chung: 31 minutes 3 seconds

(Sharp Peak to Pak Tam Chung: 1 hour 40 minutes)

Total: 2 hours 35 minutes (excluding breaks) and about 2 hours 50 minutes including breaks (10 minutes on Sharp Peak, 5 minutes in Sai Wan)

Distance covered: 20.67Km, Elevation gain 856m



HK Trail 1-4 + Sharp Peak Circuit

So, our original plan was to run the whole of Hong Kong Trail with a target time of 5 hours.

Started at 0742 from the Peak and looked like everything was going great. We seemed to be on track.

Weather was HOT but the clear visibility made Hong Kong look even more beautiful that it already is. Unfortunately, I didn’t carry my camera with me to save on weight. Next time, I am going to take it nonetheless.

After stage 4 (Wanchai Gap I think), teammate Steven’s knee injury resurfaced. So, had to stop at Park Avenue. I think we got there at about 1015 or so and did around 22Km until that point.

I didn’t know the way from there to complete HK trail so decided to change venue and continue trail running at my all time favorite Sharp Peak.

Tried a Garmin reset to make the HK trail and Sharp Peak show up as two separate events but as you will see from the map, that didn’t work! It looks as if I flew from HK trail to Sai Kung!

Reached Pak Tam Au at 1210 and started the engines
Reached that little turn to Sharp Peak at 1239 (target was 1240)
Reached Sharp Peak summit at 1310 (target was 1310 – bull’s eye)

Took a break for 9 minutes and left at 1319 (was allowed to stay there until 1320)
Reached Sai Wan at 1419 (against target of 1420)
Took a break (To Fu Fa, 3 * Tau Cheung) for 10 minutes and left at 1430 (allowed to stay until 1430)
Reached Sai Wan Pavilion at 1450 (against target of 1450 – bull’s eye)
Reached Pak Tam Chung at 1520 (against target of 1520 – bull’s eye)

Precision was impressive despite the heat plus the 22Km already done in the morning.

– none really, heat was managed the usual ways (middle eastern hat, water, gels, salt)
– towards the end, the run from Sai Wan Pavilion to Pak Tam Chung was grueling because it was completely exposed – had to do a lot of heat management! Wasn’t easy.

– consumed almost 6L of water (2L during HK Trail, 2L to Sharp Peak, 2L from Sai Wan to Pak Tam Chung (stream water)

– 43.11Km in 5 hours 15 minutes

Garmin Link.

Sai Kung Curcuit (slow)

A little bit of a recap to begin with.

Saturday last week:
I was running down Sharp Peak at quite a fast pace and sadly, my attention shifted from the beauty of the trail to the beauty of a group of Asian women tourists climbing up Sharp Peak. And as the saying goes, “behind the fall of every hiker, there is a woman” [literally] (okay, fine, I changed the old adage around a little bit but you can see where this story is going). So, bang, my butt hit the ground and I pulled some muscle on the side of my knee. I have since been largely out of action.

Now, back to Saturday this week.
Had to definitely escape from the city, at least for a couple of hours, into the arms of nature. So, decided to head back to Sharp Peak! Albeit slowly. At a limiting pace of 8Km/h max.

As usual, started at Pak Tam Au at 1058 HKT and headed towards Sharp Peak. What should have normally taken 51 minutes ended up taking 1 hr 1 minute. Unloaded my heavy cargo there – a bulky Saturday edition of SCMP (does anyone really read Classified 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9???) and my book. Coincidentally, a few friends showed up at the summit sometime later. Did some yapping and a lot of reading and left after a nice, long 1 hr break. Of course, didn’t miss the opportunity to try and gather more Sharp Peak fans. (Readers are cordially invited to be a fan of Sharp Peak on Facebook here).

New fans

Ain’t she a beauty

Left after relaxing for a bit, heading towards Sai Wan. Could feel something on the left of the knee when attempting to increase speed beyond 8Km/h so kept speed more or less consistent.

Reached my Sai Wan chaanteng (restaurant) about an hour later. Now, I have to recommend the Lat Chiu Cheung (chilli sauce) in my Sai Wan hangout. Fantastic. Stopped for fried rice + tofu fa + tau cheung.

Left for Pak Tam Chung after lunch and what should have taken me 45 minutes took about 1.5 hrs as I was walking at 6.5Km/h instead of running at 13Km/h.

Verdict: Great day out. Can’t remember the last time I was this slow on a trail but a refreshing and relaxing change of pace. That said, can’t wait to fix the muscle and get back into trail running soon!

Picture on the way to Sai Wan

Pictures here. Tech stuff. The GPX file.