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Sai Kung Circuit

Hit Sharp Peak after about 2 weeks! Usual Pak Tam Au to Pak Tam Chung circuit. Many problems initially, legs too stiff after the first 30 minutes (maybe went too fast). After reaching Sharp Peak in 1 hour, managed to ease back into the usual pace. 1 hour to Sharp Peak About 15 minutes break … Continue reading

Care Action Circuit

Starts in Pak Tam Chung, goes up a small hill before reaching Pak Tam Au and then all the way to near the top of Sharp Peak. Then all the way to the end of the peninsular and back before descending on to the 4 beaches. Finishes in Pak Tam Chung. Garmin. GPX. Tags: Care … Continue reading

Sharp Peak Circuit

It was as if the whole of HK wanted to go to Sai Kung today! Took ages to get the bus from Choi Hung to Sai Kung and the bus from Sai Kung to Pak Tam Au (94). It was great to see my home on Sharp Peak after a long time but I had … Continue reading

HK Trail 1-4 + Sharp Peak Circuit

So, our original plan was to run the whole of Hong Kong Trail with a target time of 5 hours. Started at 0742 from the Peak and looked like everything was going great. We seemed to be on track. Weather was HOT but the clear visibility made Hong Kong look even more beautiful that it … Continue reading

Sai Kung Curcuit (slow)

A little bit of a recap to begin with. Saturday last week: I was running down Sharp Peak at quite a fast pace and sadly, my attention shifted from the beauty of the trail to the beauty of a group of Asian women tourists climbing up Sharp Peak. And as the saying goes, “behind the … Continue reading

Hiking, 2009-11-15, Care Action circuit

26.x kilometers! 4 hrs 15 minutes! (got lost for 20 mins so this is a pretty good performance!) Target for the actual event is below 4 hours. I am probably going to wear 2 pairs of socks and am going to go full thrust after Sharp peak. Pretty eager to break the 4hr barrier. Tags: … Continue reading

Hiking, 2009-10-03, Care Action (trial)

Pictures here. So, after several weeks of hardcore hikes, my team decided to take it easy today. That means 30Km! We did the Care Action circuit in Sai Kung. Here’s the story: Thanks for the message below. I studied the Care Action routing and I’m clear on it now. I think I can handle the … Continue reading

Hiking, 2009-07-18, Sai Kung circuit (disappointing stats)

Pictures here. Having taken a 2-week break from HK hiking, I was raring to go on a Sharp Peak circuit run today. Mission was simple. Get rid of the cold that’s been bothering me for a while now through sweating and running. Idea was to start at 12PM at Pak Tam Au, reach Pak Tam … Continue reading

Hiking, 2009-06-06, Sai Kung circuit (curtailed)

Hiking pics here. Started at 10.30AM (Pak Tam Au) and reached the starting point of the climb to Sharp peak by 11AM. (so far so good). But, the sun hit me so strong and I didn’t have a cap (left it on the bus by mistake). Speed went down and I had to drink plenty … Continue reading

Hiking, 2009-05-28, Sai Kung Curcuit

Hiking pics here. Finally, it didn’t pour down heavily on a holiday and I was able to get my usual exercise. Started at Pak Tam Au at 11.50AM Reached Sharp peak at 12.53PM (1 hr 3 mins) Left Sharp peak at 1.18PM Reached Sai Wan at 2.18PM Reached Pak Tam Chung at 3.18PM (total 3 … Continue reading

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