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NEMM Recci (HKTR 2012 Training)

You want to get some effective acupuncture treatment done for free? I’ve got a great solution for you and it costs zilch! Ride a motorbike at 100kmh in pouring rain! Each drop of rain hitting the body at that speed will feel like a whiplash! So, that’s how the day started. On my way to … Continue reading

Northeast Mountain Marathon (NEMM) recci

Think “swanky shops” in Hong Kong and Central will come to mind. Think “night market” and Mong Kok will come to mind. Think “missy massages” and Tsim Sha Tsui will come to mind. And think “nature” in Hong Kong and Tai Po will come to mind! Tai Po is the epicenter of some of the … Continue reading

Northeast Mountain Marathon 2012 and ‘The Art of Mountain Marathon’

The bullet-proof plan It was a foolproof plan. In fact, the strategy for it was carefully formed after years of devotion to the proven ancient wisdom of Sun Tzu – the scholarly Chinese military general who authored the book ‘The Art of War’ during the BC era. It ended up being THE book on planning … Continue reading

NEMM 2012 Recci (well, almost the real course minus Rambo parts)

Pictures here. Two of my favorite courses in New Territories have to be (a) King of the Hills – Tai Po and (b) North East Mountain Marathon. There is actually quite a lot of overlap between the two of them! With the 100Km Oxfam Trailwalker looming ahead in a week’s time (btw, please don’t be … Continue reading

NEMM Circuit

NEMM stands for North East Mountain Marathon, well, because the circuit runs in the Northern District of Hong Kong. It begins in Wu Kau Tang, goes along the Plover Cove reservoir until Marker 2306 and then there’s a sharp left turn straight down to Sam A Tsuen and eventually to Lai Chi Wo. There’s a … Continue reading

NEMM Mountain Marathon Recci

Did a recci of the North East Mountain Marathon (NEMM) route. Fantastic!! It begins in Wu Kau Tang, then you go over Plover Cove until Marker 10 (which I duly missed and had to retrace). From there you take a left, go straight down to Wu Kau Tang again and then you do something. Well, … Continue reading