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Hiking, 2013-02-17, Sharp Peak cleanup
Vacation, 2013-02-08 to 2013-02-13, Sipalay and Mt Kanlaon
Hiking, 2013-01-01, New Year's Day - Quintuple
Vacation, 2012-12-13 to 2012-12-21, Running in New Zealand
Vacation, 2012-09-28 to 2012-10-07, Northern Xinjiang
Hiking, 2012-09-09, Treasure Hunt
Hiking, 2012-09-02, Grassy Hill
Kayaking, 2012-08-26, Sharp Island
Hiking, 2012-08-05, Sun of the Beach
Vacation, 2012-06-30, Siquijor, Philippines
Hiking, 2012-06-24, Fanling ridge + Tai Mo Shan Waterfalls
Vacation, 2012-06-07, Snow Mountain and Taroko Gorge
Memories, 2009-2012, with Steve
Vacation, 2012-05-20, Gulin and Yangshao
Vacation, 2012-04-05 to 2012-04-10, Bum Sliding, Stair Climbing and Army Watching in Xian, China
Hiking, 2012-01-21, Down Memory Lane (BGV - Motorbike ride Bangalore to Kodai)
Vacation, 2011-12-24, Yushan, Taiwan
Vacation, 2011-12-01 to 2011-12-06, The Overland Track in Tasmania
Hiking, 2011-11-13, NEMM 2012 Circuit
Hiking, 2011-11-11, Actually more like a hiking party
Hiking, 2011-08-11, Taroko Hiking and Biking
Hiking, 2011-08-07, Shoes goin' on a hike
Hiking, 2011-07-31, Cloudy Hill, Pat Sin Leng, Plover Cove
Hiking, 2011-07-16, Care Action + Double Deer Stream
Hiking, 2011-06-02, Mt KK and Mt Trusmadi, Malaysia
Hiking, 2011-05-21, NEMM Circuit
Hiking, 2011-04-30, Tarako Gorge Hiking
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